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A Man of Many Faces

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I'm an independent writer/director with a mixed background in fine art, photography and film production. 


My interests tend to lie within making short films and writing scripts that can be defined as 'independent arthouse'.


In my mind that is material that is unceasing, somewhat oblivious the first time around and not at all easy on the eyes...

As a former student of the arts, I've come to learn that independent film offers a lot more creative freedom.

And so naturally, as a former student - now graduate of the arts, it's an arena I'm more than attracted to. 


I do tend to love films that also have the balls to pull no punches on their audiences.

My favourites would have to be Mulholland Drive, Under the Skin, Primer, mother!, Raw, The Lobster, The Neon Demon, The Man from Earth, Beyond the Black Rainbow & The Favourite.


What I love about them is their resilience, their fortitude, their stiff upper lips and their pride - qualities that, if personified, would make a hell of a stern director!

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As a man of many faces, I do tend to love just about every genre but what really gets me hooked on a story is, oftentimes, just the pure escapism of it all -

The vital catalyst that ignites every story worth remembering.


As you may have guessed, my favourite filmmakers are those who take risks. 

Lars Von Trier, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas

Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter, Terrence Malick and Quentin Tarantino are all high on my list, just to name more than a few.

Currently, I happen to be in the process of developing a short film that centres on a vulnerable young man with conflicted feelings towards committing crimes as a means to achieve a sense of emotional fulfilment.

He starts out as a prankster who eventually develops an addiction to stalking, then subsequently goes on to take part in a series of crimes that bring him both joy and also strong feelings of regret.


With my current working schedule, I expect to begin filming in about six months time. More updates to follow here on my website and on my other social media platforms...

Aside from independent work, I've also worked as a content writer and marketing assistant for two media companies in London. I also hold an internship in content writing and editing, in addition to having some professional experience working as a production assistant and production runner on TV ads and feature films.  

You can find out more on my attached CVs below...

Resume 1

Resume 2

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