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Podcasting & Reviewing

Here you can find my group podcasts and review episodes on films and TV shows from all walks of pop and indie culture, as well as further commentary on sociopolitical issues.

Audio Commentary - Nekromantik

There are some movies that have to be seen to be believed!

Then there are movies in which, for some devilish reason, the unfortunate (or more likely, twisted) viewer, feels that the movie is just too utterly compelling not to watch!


This way of thinking is not unlike the rationale of a particular member of my review series - he who will be named momentarily - who decided it were best that we all watch Nekromantik!


So it's just unfortunate then that this particular experience was only sought out by one JAMIE LAW and not by the likes of people like myself and by my unfortunate special guest, Saleem! 


Damn you Jamie!!! 

Review - Parasite & The Lighthouse

With the Oscars only recently being announced, we (Myself and Jamie Law) thought it'd be the perfect time to discuss the movies, 'Parasite' and 'The Lighthouse'...

Oh, and also '1917', because why fucking not?

Hear our bold and bombastic critiques on these three aforementioned movies and understand a bit more about why they deserved their Oscar recognition...


Be warned though, Jamie Law has a tendency to be overtly brash in his opinions!! 

Review - Joker & The Fanatic

A review that follows on from the duality trends of our first movie review -      

This is another day we compared two like-minded films.

For this review, me and Jamie discuss the recent Joker movie, alongside an unexpected companion piece, known as 'The Fanatic'.

This review is once again intended to be both a discussion and a discord. (But not necessarily a full heated argument!)

Even if it is, outside of the realms of critique, me and Jamie get along just fine... Just fine indeed......

Review - Midsommar & Microwave Massacre

A review of two movies that couldn't be further apart from one another....

Or so it seems! 

The clue lies within the adjacent photo.

I, Lee Thorneycroft, and my 'trusted' friend and colleague, Jamie Law, review the movies 'Midsommar (2019)' and 'Microwave Massacre (1983)'. 

This review is intended to be part critique, part respectful bash at the latter movie, so listen well and enjoy our first ever movie review!

Podcast - A case of Social Media

A podcast discussing the strengths and weaknesses of social media platforms, the ill-effects of viral videos & the exploitative means in which they can be used to promote lies and misconduct. 

We recorded this during my internship course with a company called You Press - a social enterprise, dedicated to helping young people to find their voice through writing and the creative arts. 

Citizen Cain

A table read for a friend of mine's short production, titled Citizen Cain - A comedy based on a podcast series starring a guy named Adam Cain. 

The script was written for Adam, and based entirely on the personality of Adam.

This means, oftentimes, it's very hard to tell apart the actor from the character. 

They're simply one and the same!

The host of the podcast & table read is the

guy in the afro. He's the one who inspired me to start this page here on my website.

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