Independent Short Films


Interloper is a short sci-fi/dark comedy drama film about two men who happen to share the same wife.

Does it sound like an affair? It isn't, and this is where the sci-fi element comes in.


The 'Interloper' is the villain in this film and he has the ability to hop between parallel worlds and influence peoples choices therein. In one world, the wife spouses one of the men. In the other, she spouses the other man. This video is a preview and aims to give you a taste of the Interloper's grand plan...

Creative Differences

Creative Differences is a short drama film about a couple who've decided to arrange a romantic evening out. It soon turns out, however, that the motives behind such an occasion reveal a discord between the two of them. 

This film came third in a Warner Bros. short film competition.

I myself acted as assistant director while, 

my good friend, Marcus Mills wrote and directed the film.



Craft tells the story of two sisters who seek the counsel of a priest after the death of their sibling. The film is a fantasy that makes good use of rural settings and vintage clothing. I particularly enjoyed directing this one - the inclusion of witches, old churches and insane priests provided this traditionally-shot film with a much needed departure from the overcrowded found footage genre. 

"It's One Of Them Ones..."

A beautiful expression of lyric poetry, "It's One Of Them Ones..." is a profound and deeply resonant piece of music, infused with touching lyrics. 

I grappled with how to approach this piece of work, debating whether to create a lyric video or whether to just let the lyrics speak for themselves.

In the end, that's exactly what I did... 

Into the Spotlight

Into the Spotlight is a sci-fi art film that is, and can be, about anything you like. As writer/director, I see it simply as an examination of the afterlife. 

But don't just take my word for it. 

After all, I think it's great that an artist has the freedom of self-expression, but it's equally as valid that a consumer has the power to validate their own opinions.

Unofficial 'Dagny-Backbeat' music video

A music video about a loving couple reunited. We chose the song 'Backbeat' by Dagny as a tonal piece intended to evoke feelings of nostalgia. 

Those feeling are mutual between both the characters in the story and myself, reminding me of all the great memories I have from my time at university.

A Head of Static

A psychological horror film about a man struggling to face his own demons. The film is intended to be uncanny and blur the line between supernatural threat and real life mental illness.

The Room With A View

A Short documentary about the infamous cult classic known as 'The Room'. Unintentionally hilarious throughout, The Room is held up as the shining example of 'how not to make a movie'!

I can't complain though. The theatrical experience is unparalleled and honestly the best interactive movie experience you will ever have!


Anxiety creates barriers between people, we all know that.

But worst of all, anxiety puts up a wall

between the person we are right now, and the person we want to be. 

When that happens, self-hatred creeps its way into our minds. 


The barriers that would usually only exist in our minds become externalised.

Suddenly, walking over to a table full of strangers can feel like walking over shattered glass!

Horizon Effect

Back in 2012, I made my first ever film...

AND IT SUCKED! - As first films often do, let's be fair ;) ...


Ripping off the soundtracks from such titles as 'Mass Effect 3', 'Inception' and 'Doctor Who', this abomination actually managed to earn a spot on the big screen at my college's graduation event.

Now, at the time, my tutors praised the editing. They claimed it was phenomenal! The rest of it... well, they refused to comment. 

Why not watch it for yourselves now and find out exactly what was going through their heads... It'll be a laugh!

If you like my films, please do pay a visit to my Vimeo page down below to see some of my other work. I tried to make each film unique here on my website, showcasing only one film from each genre. 

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