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The Architects of Dreams and Nightmares


The Architects of Dreams and Nightmares is an anthology series that centers on the aftermath of a tear opening up in the fabric of time and space. Each of its stories will be focussed on a group of individual characters that are faced with very real and very human problems. 


Under the guise of many different genres, I will tell a series of stories that each embrace humanity at its very foundation and capitalise on the main overarching genre of 'Drama'.                                                      I feel, ultimately, that the human stories that will drive this anthology series are the most important element. Trying to write a story without a solid foundation will only bring everything else crashing down around you, after all.

The first of these stories will be called 'Shadow Man' and will focus on a man who decides to cut off his own hand after it becomes permanently stained with blood. Soon after, the hand grows a body of its own and proceeds to stalk its owner. 


White Knuckle Ride

The film will explore the life of a narcissistic businessman who gets caught up in the criminal underworld after his wannabe girlfriend's brother falls prey to an evil drug lord. 

Pitched to me by a friend of mine, this film is expected to be our most polished and competent film yet. Currently, the project has been submitted to the BBC Drama category script competition and is awaiting further consultation...             


The story will tackle themes such as drug addiction, social stratification, sexual abuse and identity & explore how these issues are relevant within the world today.  


Dark Star


In the wake of a collision with an unexpected black hole, the residents of planet Earth scramble together for one last night of celebration.

Fearing the worst, the young James Lighter soon decides to tag along with his skeptical friends to the club known only as The Dark Star.   

This is a science fiction script project that will explore James' life and how it relates to the ensuing events of disaster.


For me, the most important thing about any story is the atmosphere it conveys. I'm hoping to write a story that captures the fear a person can feel when faced with annihilation and try to stream that back to the audience in as realistic a way as I can. 


A short tale of a mysterious 'Interloper' who interferes with the lives of two men who both share the same wife. 

This story isn't a drama though and, no, it isn't about an affair!

This is a science fiction story that uses the concept of parallel worlds to its full advantage.             

What unfolds over the course of the story is actually a series of unfortunate events centred around a murder.

Or rather, several murders that happen to take place in the same location, just from alternate perspectives. 

Gritty, surreal and stupendous, this film is probably the most ambitious one I've done in terms of visual effects. Although all of it was filmed in camera, the post production proved to be more than a little difficult.