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Here you can view my Current Projects. If you would like to find out more, you can also view my BLOGS for development info...

The Architects of Dreams and Nightmares

An anthology series that broadly focuses on a large scale alien invasion, The Architects of Dreams and Nightmares will also centre each of its stories on individual characters that are faced with very real and very human problems. 


Under the guise of many different genres, I will tell a series of stories that each embrace humanity at its very foundation and capitalise on the main overarching genre of 'Drama'.                                                      I feel, ultimately, that the human stories that will drive this anthology series are the most important element. Trying to write a story without a solid foundation will only bring everything else crashing down around you, after all.

Inspired by the likes of David Cronenberg, David Lynch and even Stephen Spielberg, this series will draw heavily on surrealistic and abstract forms of expression while also grappling with more familiar forms of realism.


White Knuckle Ride

The film will explore the life of a narcissistic businessman who gets caught up in the criminal underworld after his wannabe girlfriend's brother falls prey to an evil drug lord. 

Pitched to me by a friend of mine, this film is expected to be our most polished and competent film yet. Currently, the project has been submitted to the BBC Drama category script competition and is awaiting further consultation...             


The story will tackle themes such as drug addiction, social stratification, sexual abuse and identity & explore how these issues are relevant within the world today.  


Shadow Men

A short horror-comedy film about the monsters that live beneath the flesh. Shadow Men focuses on a group of serial killers who've decided to go on a short vacation over a long summer weekend.


What transpires on the road towards their luxurious cabin in the woods is a perilous encounter with the monsters they think they've grown all so familiar with. 

The film is intended to focus on the themes of revenge and justice.

My goal is to try and paint the serial killers as a force to be 

reckoned with as the film opens before their encounter with the 'shadow men'. After which, that sense of power they've clung to for so long will slowly start to dissipate. 


A short tale of a mysterious 'Interloper' who interferes with the lives of two men who both share the same wife. 

This story isn't a drama though and, no, it isn't about an affair!

This is a science fiction story that uses the concept of parallel worlds to its full advantage.             

What unfolds over the course of the story is actually a series of unfortunate events centred around a murder.

Or rather, several murders that happen to take place in the same location, just from alternate perspectives. 

Gritty, surreal and stupendous - if I do say so myself - this film is probably the most ambitious one I've done in terms of visual effects. Although all of it was filmed in camera, the post production proved to be more than a little difficult.  

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