Creative Writing

Telling a story has always been my passion. Writing, by contrast, is a frustration and something I find somewhat reductive. It demands the use of words to tell a story.

Who am I kidding? I'm quoting an interview with David Lynch here.        Truthfully, I love writing!

And being able to communicate my thoughts by turning them into words is my job!

Here is my Roundtable discussion with Pinewood Studios' Genre Lab lift-off event, featuring mine and three other amazing screenwriter's winning screenplays...

Below you can find my selected screenplay, HALLOW HILL, along with my larger body of work - which features stories of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama & Comedy...

Hallow Hill

Shadow Men

The Man in the Spotlight

Devil's Wings

Through The Void


Imperfect DNA

Black Goat


When Lightning Strikes


Christopher's Cosmic Catastrophe


White Knuckle Ride

White Knuckle - Alternative End

White Knuckle - Original Ending