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Creative Writing

"Telling a story has always been my passion. Writing, by contrast, is a frustration and something I find somewhat redundant. It demands the use of words to tell a story."

This is essentially a quote from a David Lynch interview that I don't agree with. The reason being is because all scripts are key to the process of filmmaking and the absence of which would result in an absolute load of horseshit being created!... ironic then that I've occasionally went ahead without one... so how much would you say I really disagree with Lynch? 

Here is my roundtable discussion with Pinewood Studios' Genre Lab lift-off event, featuring mine and three other amazing screenwriter's winning screenplays...

Below you can find my selected screenplay, HALLOW HILL, along with my larger body of work which features stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, drama & comedy...

Hallow Hill

Wolf at the Door

A Bizarre Story

Worlds End Lane



Imperfect DNA

Devil's Wings


When Lightning Strikes

Dark Star

Christopher's Cosmic Catastrophe


Shadow Men

White Knuckle Ride

White Knuckle - Alt Ending

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