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SAME WORLD                 

This was my first feature and one of the very first films I made, ironic as that may be. It is a psychological thriller about a disgruntled army engineer who's become increasingly desperate to clear his name after being falsely charged. After he engages in a dangerous encounter with a notorious criminal, it soon becomes apparent that he must in fact learn to part with the very things that define who he is...
There's a deliberate fakery to some of the environments and sets. From time to time, you may notice things in frame that literally look like they belong in a poorly designed high school stage play... And all the while, you will also see characters literally pouring their hearts out!... I felt this was an effective way to establish the power of the mind over the material world. Of course, this was purely an experiment so I'll let you decide for yourselves how well this functions...

Poster & Trailer 


We had originally planned to submit this film to film festivals in London, however, due to my initial vision for the project not being fully realised in the final edit, we decided it was best to withdraw from festivals on this occasion. If you would like to watch the trailer you can find it above...

And if you would like to watch the full feature length film, you can find it down below...

For what it's worth, I really liked how the film turned out in the end and I'm very proud of my amazing cast and crew for all of their hard work!

The Film

Behind the Scenes

Even though the bulk of the filming was made up of hectic schedules, ongoing relocations and an intense reshuffling of ideas, the experience was second to none. I adored making this film!

If you would like to find out what went on behind the scenes, you can watch our bloopers reel below which contains a mix of deliberate humour, unintentional comedy brought about by a lack of preparation time, as well as a whole bunch of banter geared around the film and its submission into potential festivals.

Entering into the Sunday Shorts festival in London was a major consideration at one point.


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